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Hello, I'm Erik Noordam

I´m an International Realtor® and Real Estate Manager

Our team provides international real estate solutions to investors, lifestyle buyers and home sellers

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Investment properties, second homes or relocating?

Behind us is a global real estate team of brokers/agents, investment, asset & property managers, and customer service staff.

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Invest in residential real estate!

We can help you to invest and manage:

Residential units for rentals, multifamily, single family homes, and other income properties...

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For investors

Hire me as your project manager for your acquisition and real estate management:

My team finds and analyses real estate opportunities. By buying and managing real estate portfolio's we make good returns for our clients.

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At your service

we offer you a team of specialists

enabling all specialist team members in the project to focus

on their tasks on building and managing your real estate portfolio.

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Are you searching for a home, real estate investment or in need of property management services? We can assist you, also internationally. Our team of experts deal with the purchase and sale and handle your real estate investments and property management. Call us at 020-7165673 in the Netherlands or (305) 709 0548 in the USA.

We work for investors in order to deliver financial returns on their real estate investments. Our specialty is income properties, i.e. real estate investments that produce returns. Direct and/or indirect returns, cash flow and/or price appreciation. Buying, managing, adding value, growing, and selling properties and real estate portfolio’s. Although I work with all property types my focus is on residential rentals, mixed real estate portfolio’s, resort & second homes, and small commercial properties. Ranging from € 0.5 to € 15 million worth of real estate capital.

In short:

  • Counselling (Foreign) Real Estate Investors in the Netherlands
  • Counselling national Real Estate Investors internationally
  • Representation of Real Estate Investors and corporations in the Netherlands
  • Representation of Real Estate Project Developers and Master Brokers in the Netherlands
  • Real Estate (Investment, Portfolio, Asset) Management & Property Management

International Real Estate Services for investment property and residential real estate including luxury homes. Member of NAR (International Realtor®). Partners and team of specialists in the Netherlands and internationally.

Activities/services: Real Estate Asset Management & Property Management, Real Estate Advisory & Agency

Property types:

  • Income / Investment Properties
  • Residential and Leisure real estate
  • Rehab properties
  • Tenanted properties
  • Mixed real estate
  • International Real Estate


Managing the growth of your real estate portfolio: buying, financial management and selling solutions

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Property Management

Daily property management: maintenance, administrative and commercial management

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Find, analyse and acquire investment properties. Property marketing for selling solutions, agency & transactions

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Consulting on property management, international transaction and leasing activities.

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Business Hours

Call us at 020-7165673 in the Netherlands or at (305) 709 0548 in the U.S.A.

  • Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pm
  • Saturday & Sunday: closed