• Hiring us gives you access to our network, experience, resources, listings, tools, counseling and support for the following real estate services:

    Real Estate Investment Management

    Supervision of property management, proposals for acquisitions and dispositions, formulating object policies, initializing and monitoring of budgets, and supervising outsourcing are the main tasks of asset management.

    Insight in real estate markets is the basis for analysis and advice of property investments and operations. This insight is turned into the following activities:

    Consultancy in acquisitions and dispositions

    Analysis and advice with residential real estate investments in the Netherlands and U.S.A.

    Property Management

    Commercial, administrative and maintenance management

    International Real Estate

    Put our experience and extensive international network to work to advise and guide you. About transactions, who to employ, regulations and local practice. The Cross Border Referral Team connects you with relocation and real estate specialists internationally with information on business practices, cultural differences, language barriers.


    Advice on brokerage, investments, property management, lease management and international transactions. We advise and team up with specialists from our network when necessary.

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